February Check In

February Check In

Can you believe it's already February? Personally, I feel like we just made our way through the holidays and the New Year and yet I look at my calendar and we are already into the 6th week of 2018!

For me, it's been a solid 8 weeks of training in the books so far in my long, progressive build towards October 2018. I've stayed extremely consistent with my core and strength work and am feeling very solid, literally. Haha! No, but seriously, I feel strong across all three sports in terms of stability and strength pulling through the water, pushing strong/big gears on the bike, and toeing off with every stride running. My coach, Joe Gambles, has me focused on this right now- strength work, as well as a very progressive, calculated build of my aerobic base. January has been about consistent, day-in-and-day-out ticking off the training boxes right now.

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In January, we finalized and announced my new partnership with Argon 18, which I'm so excited about! I LOVE my new E-119 Tri+ bike and have been putting it to the test with lots of miles in the bank over the last few weeks.

Also in January, my kitty-puppy friend Corbies, i.e. Linsey Corbin, came down to Tucson from Bend for a fun week of wine camp...I mean training! hehe. It was fun to have her in town and we had fun taking turns cooking each night. Wattie and I literally rotate the 3 same meals over and over, so it can get boring. We trained each day, cooked some great meals, and got in some good binge-watching post dinner each night. We started with Manhunt: Unabomber, a series on Netflix. So good! And then we finished with The Marvelous Ms. Maisel on Amazon Prime...also SO GOOD! I'd recommend both:)

The crew from Pioneer came out to Tucson to visit and do a fun photo/videoshoot talking about how I use power in my training and racing. We will release these videos coming soon.

January also had Wattie visiting the Wattie Ink. offices in California for a week, so I spent some extra time on my Wahoo KICKR, as sometimes I get weary of venturing very far, like say Senoita, solo or without someone home to call if something were to happen.

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When Wattie returned, he brought with him our Wattie Ink. photo and video team to catch some images and footage of some upcoming Wattie Ink. Collections. Keep your eyes peeled- I think these are some of our best designs yet!


Also on the gear front, Hoka One One just released their newest collection, The Fly Collection, with 3 new shoes that I can't say enough good things about. Hoka continues to improve and progress their already awesome products. The new Mach shoe has the same bones as the Clayton, my race shoe for the last couple seasons, but the upper feels softer and the shoe, overall, feels lighter. I just ran a race pace session in them the other evening with 8x1k reps and they felt amazing.

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That's really all I can think of right now:) Sorry for the somewhat mundane update! Right now really is about ticking the boxes each day, building back smartly and patiently with a long, uninterrupted block of training- no travel, races, etc. February will be quite similar to January, with a quick little trip 90minutes north to Scottsdale to attend the Moxie Multisport Cactus Camp from February 21-25th. If you are interested, details are here.

Thanks so much to everyone for their continued support! Happy training!

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