Spring Check-In!



Thought I’d post a quick check-in as race season is fast approaching! Wattie and I recently migrated south to North County San Diego area…and by “we” I mean that Wattie drove our car (packed to the gills with our Cannondales, Wahoo Kickrs, and all our gear for two months on the road) and I caught a flight down to join him, hehe. THANKS WATTIE!!!!

We’ve been here in Carlsbad for almost two weeks now, getting into a rhythm with our old rides and run routes. I hadn’t planned to leave Bend so early but I didn’t want to be away from Wattie, and he has a ton of stuff going on at the Wattie Ink. factory here in Vista, CA. With new products coming out, new designs, lots of custom work coming in from tri teams wanting to rock our gear, it’s been awesome for us to be here and get hands on all the apparel we’re making and testing.


Also, the Bend winter this year has been crazy with the amount of snow we received, which was AWESOME! I love the winter—I love snowboarding, being outside in the snow, cross country and skate skiing, and just being up at Mount Bachelor. We probably got about eight days at the mountain this season: less downhill than last year but way more skate-skiing, which I am seeing the benefits of as I open my tri training. Skating is basically a full-body strength workout coupled with a hard cardio workout, and I can feel the strength and fitness gains from that now as I transition to my swimming, biking, and running. 


We’re here in SoCal for one more week in this training block, before we use my recovery week to transition over to Tucson for the final three weeks before Oceanside 70.3. I will have a few easier days to get settled and then we have our five day “Train with HJ (me! hehehe)” camp. I’m excited to meet everyone attending and know that it’s going to be an awesome week with the detail and attention Chris Bagg puts into all his camps…on top of incredible meals cooked by Bagg himself!

After camp I’ll have a final two-week intense block before tapering into Oceanside 70.3!!! It’s coming!!!! I’m finalizing what I can with the rest of my 2017 schedule right now before I put it up on my website, but I have figured out my second race after Oceanside—I’m super pumped to announce that I will be traveling south to Lima 70.3, in Peru on April 23. That trip will give me the opportunity to meet the South American team from Herbalife and spend some time with that entire Herbalife community down there. As I was once a 9th grade World History teacher (yes, you read that correctly, right out of college), we did a unit on the Incas and Macchu Picchu, so I’m pretty excited at the opportunity to check this area out in the few days after the race. If anyone has any suggestions for us while in Peru, please let me know!!!! That would be awesome. 

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support and I look forward to seeing everyone at Oceanside, if not sooner!!!!