1st Place at Ironman Coeur d'Alene

1st Place at Ironman Coeur d'Alene

Three days ago I was able to finally put together an Ironman distance race!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! It's still somewhat sinking in that it really happened!!!! 

I started making the step up to the full Ironman distance early last year with the plan to have raced Ironman Coeur d'Alene LAST year, 2014. Suffering an injury 2 weeks prior to it, my Ironman debut as a pro was pushed to IM Arizona last November and then I attempted IM Texas about 6weeks ago, both with results I wasn't really happy with. I truly believe things happen for a reason and my Ironman journey came full circle with me being able to execute this past Sunday in a way that got me to the line first.

It took me a year to get here of stepping up in training distances, learning new ways to pace myself at the longer distances, nutritional lessons on how to get my body best fueled through IM distance training and racing, and a different mental approach to both IM training/racing that took me awhile to accept :) You can't go all out from the gun! haha. I know I have a long, long way to go in improving at this distance but this weekend was a huge moment for me in just putting a full distance race together across the board and I am so, SO ecstatic....happy....I won an Ironman?!?!?!

Sunday was anything but a solo effort. I tried to thank everyone on Monday at the awards. If you have any interest in watching, I've included the video Dave Erickson recorded- thanks Dave! But I also want to reiterate/repeat some thanks below. Sorry, this might be a boring race "report"...I wish I was funny like Callum!

Thank you to those of you who have followed my journey and sent love and support and encouragement- thank you. I appreciate every message, email, tweet, post, etc. I am so grateful to everyone for taking time out of their day to do that. Thank you to my family, friends, the Wattie Ink. team, everyone who sends me kitty pictures... :) You guys are amazing- thank you for your support and friendships. 

Thank you to everyone who cheered for me on race day- both people who were racing themselves or were out there in the heat cheering on friends and family. The support on course was amazing! An especially big Thank You to all the volunteers handing out fuel and hydration and to the Base Salt guys for your support!

Thank you to my sponsors who make chasing my dreams a possibility. I couldn't do it without you  and I am so grateful for your support.

Thank you to my coach, Cliff English, for his guidance and support especially in my step up from the 70.3 to full distance races. We've been progressing slowly and patiently to the longer overall training over the past year. I've been healthy and injury-free all of 2015 and my body is getting used to the longer stuff. I'm starting to understand the process :) Thanks Cliff!

Thank you again to Sue, Mike, Peter and Chloe Hutter for hosting Wattie and me in CDA all week! You guys are amazing and we are so grateful for your support (and homestay). 

Thank you as always to my true love, Wattie :) Thank you for everything you do for me every single day and being there by my side for this whole journey. I love you. 


Also, thank you to Chris Bagg and VT for coming down for the long training weekends and for your unbelievable support and belief in me:) To our swim group here in Bend- to everyone who lets me chase them around each morning in the pool, you know who you are:) Thank you guys! Peter Leavitt, Scott Yount, Rebound Physical Therapy...thanks for keeping me healthy!

On Sunday, I swam a 1:02, biked a 5:08, and ran a 3:08. Given there was live coverage and so many media reports after, I will spare a long recap other than a few thoughts that come to my head:

Swim: I actually found some feet (thank you Amber Ferrira and then Laura Siddall!)! Most races I find myself alone and solo after the first 300 meters but I actually made a pack on Sunday! Yayyyyy! 1:02 is definitely my slowest Ironman swim to date but we were non-wetsuit at this one and absolute all-star, stud swimmer Amanda Stevens came out in 54minutes, so it wasn't that quick of a swim at CDA. I've been looking at a 6-8minute deficit to the lead for my full IMs. Still lots of room for improvement! :)

Bike: I didn't go out as hard as I could from transition when I heard "8 minutes down".... I stayed calm and eased into the bike all day, focusing on my fueling and nutrition pretty much the entire bike. This was an awesome bike course with a little bit of everything! Having two loops was great because it broke it up and the part through town was awesome- thanks to everyone for cheering through there before we headed back out onto the highway.

Run: The run stayed pretty steady for me....I have been slowly increasing my mileage and have way more longer runs in me now than a year ago. The distance is getting less scary!!!! With a couple of 22mile runs leading in, I felt way more confident in getting through the whole run. The goal with the heat on the day was to also ease into the marathon concentrating on keeping the heat off and staying cool... any and every way possible. This meant that instead of going just sports bra, I kept my Wattie Ink. aero jersey on and every aid station I was filling the front with cupfuls of ice. I also filled the back pockets with ice, as well as doused myself with water constantly and found every hose spraying on the course. This really helped keep my overall temperature down. 

A HUGE, HUGE congrats to all who finished on such a hot day! Especially to all the pro women: Amanda, Kim, Amber, Katy, and everyone else, amazing racing! Thank you for pushing me. To Dede, coming to the awards and saying "Congrats" was above and beyond. THANK YOU. I am thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. 

If Sunday didn't go as you had hoped...don't stop trying! I promise it will come together for you :) Evaluate what went right and where you can improve and then work on your weaknesses. 

Wattie and I are back to Bend and I will figure out my next races. I am not positive yet if Sunday's race was enough to qualify me for Kona. There are 4 full distance Ironmans left to affect the female pro's points, including Frankfurt next weekend, which is a double points race. So if everyone could cross their fingers and toes for me.... that would be awesome:) 

Thanks so much for reading!!!! Happy 4th of July and happy training+racing!      -hj-

Thank you so much to Nils Nilsen, Rocky Arroyo, Sue Hutter, David Meadows, and James Richman for capturing the photos above!!!! 

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