Mid-Season Update

Hi everyone!!!! Given my New Year's Resolution to "update my website more regularly," I figured I better get on it since it's already June! hehehe. 


As I have been getting a lot of questions in the last few weeks... next up for me: Ironman Coeur d'Alene. Ugggg. Who else has to look up how to spell that every time you write it!?!? C-o-e-u-r.  :)

So, my plan at the start of this year was to hit my favorites: Oceanside and Wildflower. Then I wanted to follow those races with my second full Ironman as a pro and ideally score a good amount of qualifying points for Kona at Ironman Texas. I thought that if I got a top 5 or so at Texas, then I would be set with points and could race some of my favorite 70.3's and other races throughout the summer. Texas...well... that did not go to plan. haha. Plain and simple, I melted in the heat. I was not prepared in terms of acclimation or an adjusted nutrition plan on that day for the heat and humidity. Major lessons learned though, so all was not lost!

For me, this is a bit of a transition year. I really want to make the step up to the full distance from my past few years' focus on the 70.3's. My ultimate goal in this sport and with my triathlon career is Kona. But Ironman is SUCH a different beast! holy moly. I have so much to learn about racing the fulls but I'm working at it each and every day. Training is getting better and better as I am embracing the longer workouts/intervals/efforts. No more "all out" every single interval when I still have 18miles to run instead of 8 :) 

The upside from Texas was that when you basically walk most of the marathon, you don't pull up that sore! haha. I took a couple of weeks to recover, rehydrate the body, get a massage, and reset to evaluate what I should do.

With my ultimate goal this year to give Kona a go, this meant I had to forgo one of my favorite races this past weekend: Escape from Alcatraz. I LOVE that race. But it was more important for me to get recovered after Texas, reset and now through this "Ironman" block in prep for IM CDA. But a HUGE, HUGE congrats to my favorite little kangaroo, Ashleigh Gentle, for taking the win this weekend!!!! Ashie will be coming to Bend in August for a training and banana-bread making block.

So there's my quick update! IM CDA here I come!!!! I've got through this Sunday to finish off a big block. Training has been going great and I've specifically been working on Ironman racing nutrition, which has thus far been the biggest limiter for me at this full distance. I have some great updates on that spectrum of things, which I will leave for another post all of its own. Maybe Friday when I have a swim-only day :) 

I hope everyone's training is going great!!!! Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to seeing friends and fans at IM CDA! -hj-


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Thanks to my coach Cliff for his support and guidance...And of course to my one and only true love who makes each day the best it could be and is with me through every bit of this journey: Wattie. Love you:)