Some Pictures from my Mid-Season Break

Some Pictures from my Mid-Season Break

Following Boise 70.3, it was time for a little mid-season break to give the body and mind a rest. I had been training hard since November of last year and just needed some down time.


I had an entire week to do essentially nothing or whatever I felt like, and then another week following that of just light activity- short jogs, 1-2k swims, or a couple of hours on the mountain bike. I’ll just say that the mountain bike won out more days than the swims or jogs:)

Wattie and I explored the hundreds of miles of trails here in Bend, as we hadn’t really had the chance to just explore. In a training block, I’ll use the same specific routes over and over each week but now we’ve found new and even better routes to use!

We would stop during rides so Wattie could play around :)

We went on a few epics (probably longer than Cliff wanted…)…but we would just start riding and enjoy the beautiful day and end up 2 hours up on a great trail.


 We’d pack a snack and ride our mountain bikes over to the river to float or soak.


This is Tumalo Falls behind us…about 12 miles up from downtown Bend, Or.


More lounging by the river…


More swimming, playing in the river:)

More beautiful views from the trails.

It ended up being about 12-14days but I started to feel re-motivated to get back into a set schedule. It’s so important to read your own body and not force anything. I definitely wasn’t ready after one week (which I think was the original plan), so the break turned more into 2 weeks but in the long scheme of things, 2 weeks in June for a better September 9th :)  I’m so thankful to have Wattie and Cliff to help with guidance and support on this stuff and I feel more ready for the second half of the season than ever before.

2nd Place at Vineman 70.3

2nd Place at Vineman 70.3