Heather's Bio

Exeter, New Hampshire

April 24, 1984

BA in Politics | Minor in East Asian Studies, Princeton University 2006

Currently Living in:
Bend, OR

Fiance/Top Supporter/Manager:

Joe Gambles

Your Top/Defining Moment as an Athlete: 
Winning the 2013 Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon or 3-peating at Wildflower.

Favorite Movie:
Hmmm so many favs! Gladiator, Goodwill Hunting, Pretty Woman, Jerry Maguire, Old School/Anchorman/anything with Will Ferrell

Favorite Band/Singer:
AGAIN! So many favs! haha. Pink :) I have 2 styles depending on when I’m running or riding my bike. Running is Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Pink, etc. Cycling is angry- Ozzy, Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Eminem, etc.

Favorite TV Show:
American Idol, The Voice, Sex and the City, the OLD 90210

Favorite Sports Team:
Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots

Favorite Sports History Moment:
Hmmm…the only thing coming to mind is Natascha Badmann in one of the NBC Kona videos. I can’t remember which year it is, but there is a shot of her walking on Ali’i Drive and a fan yells “Come on Natascha!” and she smiles and pumps her fist at them, nodding, as if in her head saying Yes! I’ve got this! and she starts running again and goes on to win. I have never met her but she won Kona one year with a swim over an hour and crushed the bike, so she gives me hope! Plus, she’s always smiling.

Favorite Athlete:
Tough one! I like any athlete who trains and races hard, with no excuses, all the while relishing in the joy and fun of their sport.

Favorite Celebrity:

Favorite Restaurant: 
10 Barrel Brewing

Best Cup of Coffee:
More like Sue’s home-made double Americano’s out of her La Pavoni machine….or any huge cup of EXTRA strong, dark coffee

Favorite Food:
grilled homemade turkey burgers and sweet potatoes

Favorite After Dinner Treat:
warm chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Beer:
10 Barrel Brewing Pumpkin

Favorite Wine:
J. Lohr Cab